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This upright vacuum cleaner features a 1,000-watt single-motor and a 12" cleaning path to deliver premium performance. Upright vacuum weighs 17 lb. and uses a 6-liter filter bag system. Vacuum delivers up to 105 cubic feet per minute of air flow and up to 78-3/4" of water lift. It operates at a sound level of 68 decibels. Brush roll turns at 4,000 RPM and powerfully loosens debris from carpets. The motor is located in the brush roll base for maneuverability. When there are blockages, it automatically shuts off to help prevent damage to the vacuum. The Helping Hand handle has received an Ease-of-Use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. On/off switch is located in the handgrip for convenience. Telescopic wand and a 9' stretch hose help facilitate cleaning overhead vents, ceiling fans and other high places. The height of the vacuum can be adjusted to accommodate different flooring surfaces. A 40' power cord enables the vacuum to cover a larger area without changing outlets.

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